Why Blink?

We are creating healthier communities by giving everyone the opportunity to incorporate fitness into their daily routine. Affordable membership options and the cleanest, friendliest gyms you can find, make blink stand out in a crowd. So whether you are new to working out, or have been doing it for years, you are sure to feel at home in a blink.

a hop, skip and a jump away.

All of our gyms are conveniently located. Our urban gyms are located close to mass transit hubs, and our suburban gyms feature lots of parking (get it, ‘lots’?).

we’re a strong family.

Friendly doesn’t cut it. Our staff is enthusiastic! We love our members, and they know it. This type of energy makes you want to work out harder, which means better abs, a better butt, fewer lbs, and a better life.

room to move.

We're the best of the basics. Our facilities aren’t just spacious, they’re shocking. And clean? Our gyms practically glow. We have rows of top-of-the-line equipment, cardio machines with built-in TVs, and comfortable, convenient locker rooms. The best part is, it’s totally affordable.

hop on the blink train.

Our nationally certified personal trainers will show you how to get real results, real fast. Each blink location offers 30-minute personal training sessions as well as small group training, including our most popular program, blink Boot Camp.

going green.

We are proud to say that we reduce, reuse and recycle! Sixty percent of our cardio equipment is self-powered, all of our equipment is Energy Star rated, and our lighting is low-demand fluorescent.