Green gives you access to all of our locations, Blue gives you select location access, and Gray gives you single gym access. Both Green and Blue give you unlimited guest privileges (you may bring one guest with you every time you work out) and all memberships include a free Start-Up Session with one of our certified personal trainers.

Green and Blue come with a 1-year commitment, Gray has no commitment. All memberships have a cancellation policy.

The annual maintenance fee is $49 and charged on the 3rd day of the 3rd month after joining and each subsequent anniversary of this date (i.e. January joins are billed April 3rd, February joins are billed May 3rd, etc.).  The fee is invested straight back into our locations to maintain equipment and ensure the gyms are always fresh and clean.

Gray membership is a no-commitment agreement so to cancel you only need to give 45 days notice, there is no buyout fee.

Our Blue and Green memberships are 12-month agreements. You may cancel the agreement within the first year by giving notice and paying a buyout fee.

The buyout fee and number of days notice required for cancellation varies by location:

NY and NJ: $60 and 45 days notice
PA: $50 and 45 days notice
CA: $50 and 30 days notice

After the first 12 months of Blue or Green membership, we waive the buyout fee and you can cancel with notice.

To cancel your membership, either talk to a Mood Lifter™ at the gym or send a certified letter to:

Blink Member Services
386 Park Ave South 11th Floor
New York, NY 10016

No other means of cancellation (including by email, phone or verbal) are acceptable.

If you have any billing questions please contact us.

All memberships purchased through a company other than Blink Fitness must be cancelled directly through the partner company they were purchased from

Scheduled personal training sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

Personal Training purchases are non-refundable.

No. If you are unable to visit Blink for a period of time, the easiest thing might be to simply cancel and re-join when you come back.

The credit or debit card you provided when you joined will be charged on the 1st of each month. This will pay for each month’s membership dues.

Yes, you can pay at the gym before the last day of the month prior. Any Blink associate can process this transaction for you.

You can update your credit card at any time.

Important: The billing process for dues and for personal training session plans is initiated 2-3 days prior to the actual billing date. If you want to change the card on file because you want your dues to come out of a different account, you’ll need to do it several days before billing day.

Yes, as a Blue or Green member you have ongoing guest privileges. You may bring one guest with you every time you come to Blink.

Guests must be 18 years or older and provide a valid form of photo ID and proof of age.

Gray members do not have this benefit.

No. We don’t have the option to transfer your membership to another person. 

Yes, you can pay in full if you are joining as a Blue or Green member. Any Blink associate will be able to help you with this on your next visit as you may only pay in full in person.

Members may refer up to 25 of their friends at a time. Friends you refer must join Blink within 60 days of the initial referral date. When signing up, they must also use the email address to which their referral invitation was sent. Once friends you’ve referred join, they must remain members for 62 days before a Blink Reward is issued. After 62 days, the reward credit will automatically be applied towards your next month’s dues

Reward credit cannot be redeemed for cash or used towards any retail or personal training. All participants must be existing members who are up-to-date on their dues to receive referral reward credit. If your account is overdue you’ll have 30 days to get up to date so that your reward can be generated. Blink and Equinox employees and other people with complimentary or paid in full memberships are excluded from the program.

Q: What happens if I don’t use all of my personal training sessions in a month?

A: They roll over to the next month. Sessions don’t expire so they will remain available until you use them.

Q: What if I go through all my personal training sessions before my next billing date?

A: ‘Add-on’ sessions are available for purchase in the gym at the equivalent session rate of your Monthly Plan. You may also upgrade at any time.

Q: If I cancel my Personal Training Monthly Plan, what happens to my remaining sessions?

A: You may still use any remaining sessions after cancellation. However, you must request this at the gym.

Q: Does a card need to be present when I purchase a Personal Training Monthly Plan?

A: Yes, you need to present your preferred payment method when the agreement is initially sold. However, you will be billed automatically via the payment method currently on file each month moving forward. The payment method on file will be the funding source for both your Blink monthly membership and your PT Monthly Plan.

Q: May I upgrade or downgrade my Personal Training Monthly Plan?

A: Yes, you may do so at any time at the gym.

Q: When will I be billed for my Personal Training Monthly Plan?

A: Your monthly billing date will be the anniversary of your start date. For example, if you start the agreement on the 15th you will be billed on the 15th moving forward.

Q: Will I need to provide notice if I decide to cancel my Personal Training Monthly Plan?

A: Yes, you must provide at least 10 days’ notice prior to your next billing date in order to avoid an additional billing cycle.

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